How Chun Duan Found Love and an Understanding of John 3:16

How Chun Duan Found Love and an Understanding of John 3:16

When I was little, my father lived and worked in a city 350 kilometers from us and only came home twice a year. I was the middle child and often overlooked by my busy working mother. Because of this, I felt lonely and unloved, and I developed deep feelings of jealousy toward my siblings.

I believed they received more attention and care from my mom than I did. To win my mother’s love, I tried my best to obey her and have good school reports. I had learned that love was conditional; I had to earn it by doing something.


The Truth of John 3:16 Answers Questions of Our Youth

Still, I had many other unanswered questions from a very young age. I wanted to know why I was here, why I wasn’t somebody else, why I was born into this particular family and what was in my body that made me who I am. Despite growing up in Mainland China and being taught there was no god, and evolution and materialism were true, I felt there was more to life than that. I wanted real answers.

There’s a saying, “Be careful what you ask for.”
When I was nine years old, I fell head down from some high bars at a playground after school. I lost consciousness for a few minutes and got up with a bad, persistent headache. I dared not tell my mom or she would scold me. So, I decided to say I was tired and went to bed early, hoping sleep would help me overcome the pain.

In the morning, I was totally unconscious and frequently throwing up. They took me to a clinic, and, though still unconscious, I saw my mom crying over me and questioning my friends about my activities the day before.

I realized that my mom did love me, and she was afraid of losing me. How happy I was! After I recovered, my sister told me that mom did cry beside my bed, but there was no way for me to see her crying, as I was unconscious. I was sure that my spirit came out of my body and saw my mom crying.

After that, life continued as normal. I was a good student and did well in exams to please my parents. I made it to university in 1988, where I met my husband, John.

Upon completing an undergraduate program, my parents encouraged me to go for a master’s degree, as they were both teachers and placed a high value on education. I agreed and began doing research at a university in Hong Kong; meanwhile, John went to America where he had been accepted at the university of Maryland. During that time, I began to question the theory of evolution; all my research told me we could not even create a new live germ, despite all the pioneering and design technologies we possessed.


John 3:16 gives searching people the answers they need.

I was convinced that this wonderful world did not come about by chance; but rather, required a designer. It was too complex and there were too many variables. I wanted better answers.

Around Christmas of 1994, I was invited to a Bible study with some students and teachers. It was my first time reading the Bible, and I didn’t understand why these educated people loved to study what I thought was a simple storybook.

After reading verse by verse through a chapter in Matthew, I told them I felt it was a waste of time. Although I didn’t continue Bible study with them, I was left with a lasting impression of their kindness.

In 1995, I went to the USA with John, where I worked hard as a waitress to earn money for my tuition to study for a computer degree.

During that time, I met a Chinese lady who ended up carpooling with me from 1997-98. Despite having less than perfect academic scores and an unsettled family life, she seemed to possess happiness and peace in her heart. I found that compelling.


Understanding John 3:16 shows us about the love of God.

One day, just before we were finishing school in 1998, I shared my thoughts with her on the way to school. She shared Jesus with me and invited me to her church to meet her fellow Christians. It was a Chinese church ministering
to students around the College Park area of Maryland. They were very kind and told me that they were praying for me. It was nice to know someone I didn’t know cared about me that much.

That kind of care and love attracted me.

I loved being with them and listening to them talking about God and the Bible. I learnt that there is a loving creator who made all things, and we do have souls. the Bible answered two big questions I had had from childhood: how was it possible that I saw my mom crying when I was unconscious, and where did everything come from?

In time I started to realize that I was a sinner. I was not happy because  of my pride and selfishness, but there was hope! god loved me so much that He came to Earth, lived a perfect life for me, suffered and died on the cross for me, and then He rose from the grave for me after three days; that through Him, I could be forgiven and made clean. This unconditional love from God was the thing missing in my heart that neither my mother’s nor husband’s love could fill.


Understanding John 3:16 changes lives.

On good Friday, April 10, 1998, a Chinese evangelist came to our area to preach. It was during that evening service that I strongly felt my heavenly father calling me to Him. I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I had to be honest with Him and my heart. I wanted to make things right with Him. So, I raised my hand during the invitation and accepted Jesus as my personal saviour.

How happy we were afterward when I told my church friends about my decision on that Easter Sunday! I shed my tears shamelessly with them in the church. I can’t explain it; the tears just came out endlessly, but my heart was overflowing with joy. And that joy is what I had been looking for all those many years. Praise the Lord!